Luseland Community Motel

The Luseland Community Motel is a community-owned business, constructed in 1998. It features 14 quiet accessible rooms. Nine doubles,4 singles (with queen sized beds) and 1 wheelchair with queen sized bed. All rooms include air conditioning, coffee maker, microwave oven, and telephone. Free Wireless Internet. NO pets allowed (no exceptions). Entire facility is non-smoking. There will be a $250 penalty for anyone violating this rule. There is ample paved parking and plug-ins in winter.
Address: 400 Pacific Avenue
P.O. Box
Luseland, SK S0L 2A0

Rates upon request

Phone: (306) 372-4666
Credit Cards: All Credit Cards and Debit Cards
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History of Motel

The Luseland Community Motel Ltd. is the result of years of hard work and many donations from Luseland surrounding area.
In the summer and fall months of 1994 the consensus in the small town of just under 700 was that additional accommodation was needed for the community's guests. Few rooms were available in Luseland's 1911 built hotel. Eventually Luseland Town Council began investigating the potential for a community owned motel and even received approval from the Saskatchewan Securities Commission to sell shares in a motel.
By the early part of 1995 the share offering had fizzled as only $40,000 in equity had been raised. The community motel project was placed on 'the back burner. "
In July of the same year, Luseland's Royal George Hotel had to be shut down for five months to repair damage done by a fire. At the time many questioned whether the hotel would ever reopen its doors again.
Town council began to push for a community motel once more, and appointed a nine-member committee in December to solicit tax deductible donations for the project.
The fund raising campaign was somewhat sluggish and in April of 1996, the committee decided to contact an old resident to see if he could help.
Jimmy Pattison, a successful Vancouver businessman with holdings in major companies throughout Western Canada, was born in Luseland and lived in the community as a young boy until his family moved to Vancouver in 1934.
In July of 1996, Luseland's most successful son said he would be happy to help out with the project and agreed to match the community's motel donations dollar for dollar up to $100,000.

A town hall meeting was held on January 24, 1997 to announce the community's intentions to build the Motel on donations Pattison's potential donation.'
Pattison's backing ignited the community's enthusiasm and by April 1 of the same year the community had already raised $105,000.
But with the bulk of funding for the project finally in place, there was still one issue yet to be resolved before construction on the Motel could begin.
Although the Town owned a section of property near the arena suitable for the construction of the Motel, the community had always wanted to build its Motel on Pacific Avenue at the site of the former rail station.
The town had been involved in negotiations with the Canadian pacific Railway for years about purchasing the land, but had limited success.
But the persistent chairperson of the local fundraising committee went to Calgary and sat in the CPs corporate office until a sale agreement was struck. The community eventually had the property it wanted.
The town of Luseland took out a $250,000 debenture to cover the remaining costs of the project, securing the last of the equity.
On October 14, 1997 the sod was turned and the construction began on the 14 room, 23 bed Luseland Community Motel Ltd.
On March 18, 1998, the doors opened and the community welcomed its first customers.
On June 23, 1998 Jimmy Pattison returned to Luseland for the official ribbon cutting ceremony of the Luseland Community Motel Ltd.